The Amazing Map: Bouctouche

Join TT and Bebo in a variety of fun and humorous adventures as they learn about the Acadian people of Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada. TT and Bebo travel using the Amazing Map, which will take them wherever they want to go. Each DVD contains a series of five feature videos, averaging 25 to 30 minutes in length. Each feature is accompanied by a video glossary, providing definitions of key terms.

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Geography: The Hunt

The Amazing Map gives TT and Bebo clues to solve in a Scavenger Hunt to learn about Bouctouche's geography. TT and Bebo visit the town of Bouctouche, Bouctouche Bay, Bouctouche River, the estuary, the salt marsh, the forest, a Micmac elder and the Bouctouche Dune. New Brunswick's position in Canada and the climate are also discussed.

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Culture and Language: Red, White & Blue All Over

The Amazing Map presents TT and Bebo with a riddle to solve about Bouctouche's culture and history. TT and Bebo learn about the Acadian and Micmac peoples' culture and language as they attempt to solve the riddle. Topics include Acadian festivals, food, family traditions, a Micmac legend, some Micmac vocabulary, homes, media, recreation, music and a kitchen party.

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The Amazing Map History Museum

TT and Bebo visit the Amazing Map History Museum which features interactive displays of the history of Bouctouche. The exhibits include a Kitchen party at Le Pays de la Sagouine, a visit with a Micmac elder, a trip to the past in Port-Royal and information about local legend, K.C. Irving.

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Natural Resources: The Amazing Treasure Map

TT and Bebo follow a treasure map to find Bouctouche's treasure. In the end they discover that Bouctouche's natural resources are it's treasure. Natural resources mentioned are water, forests, the salt marsh, soil and the Bouctouche Dune. A major focus is given to how each resource fills a basic human need.

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Jobs and Industry: The Amazing Map Game Show

TT and Bebo find themselves in the Amazing Map game show, where they have to match Bouctouche's natural resources with its industries. When they make a match the Amazing Map takes them on a tour of that industry. Industries include seafood, forestry, farming, tourism and manufacturing.

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